International phones

international phones

We repair some models of  international phones.

In the past, consumers often had a tough time unlocking an international phone bought from overseas and move its service from the original country to a local carrier in Canada, or to use a foreign local prepaid SIM card while traveling overseas. It should be easier now with our international unlocking services in Toronto.

The locked smartphones only work with the original carrier it was bought from; they cannot be used with another carrier’s service. Our unlocking Service will release your smartphones from such restriction. If a smartphone is unlocked, it can be used on other carriers’ network compatible with your smartphone’s wireless system.

You can switch to another carrier’s service without changing the handset. You do not have to buy a new expensive smartphone when you travel overseas. Unlock it so you can use it with a global such as KnowRoaming, ChatSIM or a local SIM card in other countries.

How to check if you international phone is locked or unlocked?

It’s easy to take the guessing game out of wondering if your phone is locked or not. Even if your phone was bought directly from a network and presumed locked, the steps below will confirm for you in less than 5 minutes. To find out, try the following:

  • Insert an activated SIM card in the phone from any network different to the one you know works. This is often referred to as a “non-accepted SIM card”.
  • If you’re not being requested for an unlock code, wait for the phone to load up and attempt to make or receive a phone call on that SIM cards phone number

If the phone requests a network unlock code, usually with the message “SIM Network Unlock PIN” (iPhones will be different) then you can be sure the phone is locked. If so, now you’ll need to place an order for your phones unlock code.

If you see the message “Enter PIN” or “Enter Passcode” this is usually just the 4 digit PIN number set up on the phone or as default for the SIM card. The request for an unlock code will usually appear or not after this screen.

It’s worth noting that not all phones request an unlock code if they are locked and the phone may start up as normal. If this happens, simply ensuring the SIM card is activated and then trying step 2 above will narrow down the options. If you can make or receive a phone call, then the phone is unlocked and you won’t need a phone unlocking service.

If you can’t make a phone call, then you’ll need to be sure your phone isn’t blocked or blacklisted by the original carrier (usually only in the same country) due to reported loss or stolen by its owner. Most phones aren’t blocked and if any SIM card at all can make or receive a phone call, then you are fine. Alternatively, this might highlight a fault on the phone as opposed to a block. Contact your original network to inquire about this and if they tell you there is no block on the phone and the original network still doesn’t work, usually there is a fault instead. A phone repair shop would be needed in this case.

What’s unlocking and why is it a good thing?

Your upside is freedom, where you could potentially keep your phone and migrate to another carrier. That’s extremely handy for traveling, even domestically. You don’t have to leave forever, either. This unlocking scheme just gives yo u the freedom to slip a new SIM card into your phone, even if it’s just for a few days.

Unlocking changes things. If you’re traveling, it’s probably a great idea, because you can just get a new SIM card from a domestic carrier and go on with your vacation. Unlocking is also a great idea if you really love your phone, but really dislike your carrier. It’s also good if your phone will work for a carrier that has a snappy new plan you like, which your carrier can’t match.

We can unlock your iPhone, Galaxy or other smartphones from carriers such as AT&T / Verizon / T-Mobile from U.S.A., Orange / Vodafone / O2 / EE from U.K etc.

If you’re having question about unlocking your international smartphone, please contact us. We’ll do our best to help!