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The mobile phone’s software and IMEI can get corrupted anytime due to internal or external factors, sometimes without any valid or proper reason. It is very difficult to understand its functioning and processing. The most common reason could be due to wrong setting or through virus coming into your device from the internet or from a virus-infected MMC (Multimedia Memory Card) or even damaged / blacklisted IMEI.

If any problem arises which is considered to be due to malfunctioning of the software, it will be a software problem and may need a software and data repair. So if the software i.e Operating system (OS) of a mobile phone or a tablet gets corrupted, what are the faults that may come in a mobile smartphone?

The faults that may come if the software gets corrupted are as follows:

  • The phone may become dead if its operating system software was damaged (ie. device won’t switch on).
  • The device will freeze frequently. Freezing means it will hang or get stuck frequently.
  • There will be booting related issues, i.e it will not boot properly. It will get either stuck or looping at the logo when switching it on or it will show a blank screen.
  • It will switch off automatically without switching it off.
  • It will switch off when opening a particular folder, i.e. the handset will switch off when you open its gallery or its message inbox or any particular folder.
  • Some of the applications which came pre-installed with the OS will not work properly. All the other things and apps will work properly save a few.
  • The phone’s functioning will become very slow. It will not be as fast as it was before. All the applications will take a lot of time to load and open.

These are the most common problems that arise if the OS gets corrupt. There may arise many other problems related to improper functioning of the software.

So, how do we repair a software problem?

  • Try resetting the phone’s settings.
  • Format the handset as well as the MMC.
  • Flash the phone with good stock firmware.

Precautions to avoid software related problems:

  • Always install a good and updated antivirus program in your device.
  • While surfing, do not visit unknown or at least untrusted websites.
  • Always keep your antivirus program updated!
  • Do not insert anyone else’s MMC into your phone. Likewise also do not put your handset’s MMC into anyone else’s device.
  • Never install untrusted applications in your device.

Data Recovery: $40 ~ $60

If you smartphone is damaged and you want to recover your lost data (such as contact, SMS, photos, schedules, notes etc.), we can help you to backup your data onto a memory card/stick, or restore back to another old or new smartphone.



Google account lock (FRP) or SCloud Removal (also Bypass Reactivation Lock) for Samsung Galaxy: $50 ~ $90.

REMOVE Google Account/ SCloud if password is forgotten for ANY Samsung smartphone. Also bypass reactivation lock that was designed to prevent access to the device after it has been lost or stolen. It uses Samsung account to regain access and use of the device. Samsung account authenticates and authorizes protection of your personal information. When Reactivation Lock is enabled, it activates a special flag set in a secured memory storage area of the device. When active, this flag cannot be disabled by performing a  factory reset or Android recover reset.

Bad IMEI Repair (Rescue) for Android phones: $60 ~ $190 (depending on the maker’s model number)

Repair null, bad or blocked IMEI (blacklisted): Samsung Galaxy S series, LG G series etc.  

Apple iCloud lock Removal (NOT available for blacklisted or Stolen iPhone with activation warning screen shown below) : $320

YOU MUST CHECK FIRST the IMEI STATUS of iPhone ACTIVATION SCREEN to show the one checked below at:

This service is for CLEAN IMEI ONLY (not blacklisted or stolen). THere is always a possibility of delay up to 15 days for this server based service. Bad submission or WRONG CARRIER could result in no REFUND !


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What can go wrong with your smartphone’s software:

There are 3 ICs which ensure proper functioning of the software i.e the flash IC, the CPU, the RAM. Whatever you see on the LCD of your device is the software also known as operating system(OS).

The software of the mobile phone is stored in its flash memory(flash IC). The CPU does the main processing work while all the temporary and virtual data is stored in the RAM.

Here is what you need to do if your phone’s software gets corrupted:

  • Reset your phone’s settings: Start with the basics first. That is bring your handset to the original factory default settings. You can do this by going to settings menu. Here there will be an option like reset / restore / original / factory settings. Select this option. Now it will ask for security code. If you have know the code enter it. Your phone will come back to original settings. To know the default security codes of all companies, please visit the default security codes page. If it displays code error, then you may have changed your security code. You will have to get it reset through a software program. If the fault gets repaired, you may think that the problem in your handset was a minor one or there was some settings related problem!
  • Format your handset: The next step is to try by formatting your handset. Formatting means deleting all the data that you have stored after buying the phone. Always take a backup of your important data before formatting or flashing. So for formatting, you will have to again go to the settings menu and go to the same option you went before i.e reset settings option. Here there will be 2 options 1. Reset settings only 2. Reset all / master reset. Select the second option, give code and it will be formatted. Now format the memory card as well. If the problem gets solved, then you may think that there was virus and it was creating problems.
  • Re-Flash It: This is the last step and if it was a software related problem, it will get fixed here. Flashing will reinstall the operating system, thereby solving any problem arising due to a corrupt OS. So if the problem gets solved here, you may think that the OS was corrupted.

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